Need help making model watertight

i’m attempting to remix a car badge stl in sketchup 2015, and am having some trouble getting everything to export properly. any help would be appreciated.
ruin.skp (260.2 KB)

You could make a group or component of the geometry and use Solid Inspector 2 to help you identify the problems and fix a few of them. The others will take your manual input.

BTW, your profile says you are using 2015 Free (Web) which isn’t possible so you should be able to get and use Solid Inspector 2 from the Extension Warehouse.

When you have it fixed you should see this.

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It looks like too much trouble to fix, so I took the top face and remade it from there.
ruinBox.skp (312.9 KB)


thank you! if you’re ever in south central alaska, i owe you a beer.

DaveR and Box beat me to the punch… Did the same as Box, copied the top face and redrew it. Box posted his fix so no point posting mine. I did load mine on the iMaterialize site and got a quote… :crazy_face:

OT: I think the remotest ever SketchUp user appearing on these forums was from the island of St. Helena.