Need Help in Cornering the EDGES



Hi all,
I need your urgent help in creating Filleted edges in my Sofa Model.

Img 01 shows the model which i have created so far with the top portion being a 90 deg bend.

Img 02 shows the area to be filleted with different radius values. ie, YELLOW represents fillet value “a” & BROWN represents fillet value "b"

Img 03 shows how the model with filleted edges should look similar.

I’ve tried using “Follow Me” and have created sides to match the ref model as seen in Img 04

Now i want to create fillet edge on all other edges with another fillet value which need to match the existing filleted edges.

Please help me with a solution to this model at the earliest… Also let me know if any plugins available for doing this job since i have a lot more jobs to complete which needs filleting

Thanks in advance… Good Day…

Pramod Syam


I replied to your exact same question posted in Sketchucation. Fredo’s Round Corner will make quick work of it.