Need help Importing dae collada

Good morning
I use sketchup for web and i want so subscribe SHOP version, only to import DAE files.
I know that is possible to do, but I cant’ know results.
I see that in the forum there are a lot of posts like “problem importing DAE files”“Crash importing DAE” an so on.
I would thanks someone of you, if i can have the oppurtunity to send a DAE file and have back the screenshot of results, after importing in SHOP version (or whatever version that allow it).

200705174632.ScaffSpalla5000x6Campate.dae (142.2 KB)

the file attached is a simple shelf with two colors (grey-orange).
I wish to know if after importing in sketchup the shelf is black and white or still coloured.

SKP model downloaded as SU 2017 version from SketchUp Shop - collada-01.skp (254.1 KB)

Many many thanks to you from Italy

Can i ask to you a little download an send to me?

oh thanks, i see you have just done
sorry but is my first day on forum…