Need help creating a sophisticated garage-door (by Calatrava)


Hey guys i am planning a storage building. I was looking for a cool looking garage door. I found a very beautiful door designed by Calatrava. But I have no clue how to make that with sketchup. Does anyone know tutorials for a similar problem? Or anyone who can help me making this door?


Are you saying you want the door to operate? That does not seem feasible, since its operation appears to depend on Earthling physics. You could, however, model the door in multiple positions, say, closed, open, and halfway open, and use scenes to show the position of your choice at any time.



The simplest approach is to use an image.


Thank you guys. I dont need an operation door. I found an easy way to make it with the plug-in sopak skin / bubble.


It’s actually pretty easy to make without a plugin. It’s also pretty easy to come up with “open” and “closed” versions.