Door Animation

Hi Again to all.

I have started to learn about animating kitchen cupboards. Drawers are opening nicely and so are the cupboard doors except one. This door slides to the one side while opening and as it gets closer to the open point it starts to slide back to the hinge point. Once completely open it will be back on the hinge point. This has happened to me a couple of times and I have no clue how to fix it. All other doors work perfectly then every now and then one does this. The plugin which I am using is SUalive Animation. Advise would be appreciated. Thanks Eager

You should post the skp file here so that other users may evaluate it and suggest possible solutions. It is easier to find out what may be happening if you give us an opportunity to see what you see.

Hi. I am rather new at this. How would I post the file. Thanks

Hit the reply button. In the reply editor use the 7th button from the left along the top to upload the SKP file.
(When you hit the reply button there is a message also that tells you that.)


Hope this is correct. There were four files but the system would only allow me to upload this one. If you zoom in to the door cupboards on your left with the door handles running down. The door on the left does not open properly. Don’t worry about what is happening on the right. I am still working on that side. Hope the file works Thanks

Sorry I meant don’t worry about what is happening on the left of the picture.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version and actual graphics card info. This info helps us help you.

ok will do so Dave

In the meantime while I try and figure out how to amend my profile. My computer is an I5 with graphics card Nvidia Gforce 9400 GT. Hope that helps.

I won’t be able to help with your file in this case but there’s a good chance someone will

Go and click the E icon in the top right corner of the screen. On the screen that pops up there is a gear icon just below the E, click that. Then click the account dropdown and select “profile” from the list. You can add your information there, save at the bottom when done.

Thanks Ian. Sorted the profile out and appreciate the effort you made.

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