How do I make a door

i need help it is my first day doing this and i can’t make a door

What kind of a door?

Maybe before you worry about making a door, you could go through the Fundamentals at

a door in general

Start with a rectangle on the ground and extrude it upward with Push/Pull.

I think there is a bit to this that we will need help with… are you looking to put a doorway opening in a wall? Hoping to draw a door slab (as Dave showed)? Are you wanting to show trim, knob, hinges? Should it open and close? Is it being placed in a single face or a wall with a volume?

Lots of variable in “just a door” and we would love to help you with any and all of them… If you help us find out what it is you need!


a doorway in a wall

and on hinges

I’ll be happy to show you how to make a door in a wall with hinges when you give full details about the door and the wall. In the meantime, go to and learn the fundamentals of using SketchUp.

Like this?

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Hinges too? You’ve missed out on the handle. Maybe the letter flap too.

ok sorry im new

Don’t despair…
Some of them are joshing with you !
BUT if you want help make sure you understand the basics of using SketchUp, and explain what you are trying to do…
‘Making a door’ might be clear to you but to the rest of us we’ll have to guess…
A few pointers…
Have you made a wall ?
Do you want to form a door opening in it ?
Is this a ‘structural’ opening - i.e. a hole, or does it include a frame around the top & bottom and then a door ‘leaf’ ?
What are the dimensions of the door opening, frame and leaf ?
Is the door leaf detailed beyond being ‘hinged’ on one side ?
Do you want ‘ironmongery’ etc etc…

Who knew that a ‘door’ could be so complicated ??

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Question: when is a door not a door?

Answer: when it’s ajar! :slight_smile:

Reminds me of when I gave a Vietnamese friend a recipe. One of the steps was to leave the oven door ajar. She asked “why do I need to put a jar in the oven?”.

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yeah like that

Did you take the Fundamentals course at

yes i did

Excellent! So what part of modeling the door do you need help with?

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i need the hinges

This video from a little while back may be able to help you, then!

thank you