Flush Mounted Panel Swing Doors


I am looking to create flush mounted 4" panel type doors which are polyurethane filled with swing system which usually has 2 large swing hinges on model. I would like the final door to be able to be opened or at least propped open after being constructed for passage through.

Please share any video you might have of how to start these. I am at a loss.33’ GR.skp (595.3 KB)


Hello, you could open another instance of SU draw the doors in X-ray mode and then save as your own component. Then import them into your original drawing as the closed door option. While having them drawn “solid” for the open position, or angle you choose. There may be an easier option as I am a newbie but like figuring things out and then worry about saving time later. …Peace…


Are we talking about a 4" thick door? You just need to angle the edge back so the door has clearance to open. Like a walk-in cooler?



Yes I have a cooler style door. Did you create door as it’s own component and then move into door opening? When you say angle the back edge of the door? please clarify.



The wall is a group/component, as are the door and hinges. The edge of the door is “backed” so there is no interference with the jamb. I doubt this is how your door will be made. It’s only a quick example.
The model is attached so you can check it out. Click on the scene tabs.

cooler door.skp (111.5 KB)

ver. 8
cooler door.skp (111.2 KB)