Closing and opening doors in Sketchup

I downloaded a room model, and the model description shows that I can, for example, close or open cabinet or refrigerator doors, etc. I clicked everywhere but I don’t know how to do this.

I am very new to Sketchup so sorry if it’s super basic knowledge.

Hard to say exactly without knowing exactly which component you downlaoded. Maybe it’s a Dynamic Component and using the Interact tool from the dynamic Components tool bar would do it. Click on the door with it and see if it opens. Otherwise it might simply require using the Rotate tool to rotate it about the hinge line. Or maybe they are Live Components?

Looks like you are building a very nice but very heavy SketchUp model.

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Are you clicking with Select, or Interact? The best was for anyone here to help would be to share the model or a link to the model.

Right click on the toolbar and select dynamic components.
But without a gpu you’re not going to be able to have any image on your screen.