How do I Show a panel/door that opens?


I’m doing a drawing and want to show a panel/door that opens (swing type),and be able to show the inside behind the door.there will be components inside that I want to show.I’m a noob to skecthup. can someone walk me though how to do this?
I don’t know how to post a picture of my project here so i’ll just say,think a cabinet that the front opens,and you can see the interior,that I want to add.


Only Dynamic Components can do this by clicking them with the DC Interact Tool. Creating DCs is a Pro feature, but Make can use them and interact with them.

If you have Make, then look in the 3D Warehouse for a Door DC.

Alternately, you could use two scene pages. On one the door is closed (on a “closed” layer that is only visible for that scene page.) On the other a copy of the door is open, and on a layer that is only visible for that scene page.


I understand up to this I’m a noob, " on a layer that is only visible for that scene page." can you explain this part more please.I do have make


The User Guide is your friend:

Moving geometry between layers in SketchUp

Layers Manager

Adding a Scene

Updating a Scene


Separate and organize your model into logical parts as you build it.
In SketchUp, making each part into a Group or a Component keeps them separate and easy to work with as the model progresses.

Groups and Components

Given the door is a separate Group or Component you can place one copy in the closed position and another copy in the open position.

Layers in SU control visibility.
Assign each copy of the door to a different layer.
Turn the appropriate layer on or off to show the door open or closed.

Scenes are more elaborate way to control which layers are on or off.
Click through the Scenes in this example model: