Doors Layers Swings Etc

I’m interested to see how others handle doors in LayOut…

At the moment I have my doors in three SketchUp layers per condition( ie. Existing, proposed and demolish).

  • Door Swings
  • Door Open
  • Door Closed

This is so I can control the doors in Elevation View (closed, no swings), Plan View (open, with swings) and Perspective View (open, no swings).

I need to step up my door game and feel dynamic doors may be the answer?

In a past life, I created DCs of doors that included geometry for the door that could be toggled between open and closed by clicking on it. The 3D geometry was grouped on one layer, and there was a second layer with a group of 2D geometry for LayOut.

This is my work around, no dinamic comp.:

  1. create two 3d models for the open/close door, assign to layer D3-Door Open and D3-Door Close, as correspond.

  2. Inside the 3D open door model component create a 2d SU component model of the swing (just the arc that represent the swing) assign to layer D4-Swing Door. In this case when you are on plan view you have to activated D3-Door open and D4-Swing Door. Otherwise, you have to create the 2d Door model (Door+Swing arc) and assign to layer D3-Door Swing.

  3. Create groups of the 3d door models as correspond to each of the following layer: D2-Existing, D2-Proposed and D2-Demolish.

  4. Make group of the existing, proposed and demolish groups and assign this group to layer D1-Doors


X Elevation/Render: turn on D1-Door, D2-Existing and Proposed, D3-Door Close
X proposed floor plans: turn on D1-Door, D2-existing and proposed, D3-Door Open, D4-Swing
X demolish floor plan: turn on D1-Door, D2-Existing and Demolish, D3-Door open, D4-Swing.

With this work around looks complicated but as soon as you understand the relation between groups/components and layers you can add more variations.

If you wish When I get my computer I can post an example.

Hope you understand my English.

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I have one general layyer for 2D plans containign both door swings and other elements only shown in 2D plans. I always have the 3d door closed though.

Thanks for the verbose answer; that’s pretty much what I do but it does generate a lot of layers, particularly if there is a multi-floor building because I’m a bit OCD about putting everything from each floor on a separate layer.

It’s a pity there are no classes like in Vectorworks because then we could have all the doors in a class and every floor on a layer.

Isn’t that a bit weird for walkthroughs?

I don’t do much walkthroughs.

by the way… love your camera memory plugin… super useful!

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