Need help as new user


Hi everybody, I am a private user using Sketch-Up software just for personal design. Due to my not so big experience I need some help and then I registered my name in this community.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

Biagio Russo

Welcome to our forums! Please introduce yourself :)

Hello @biagio_russo,

Welcome to the community!

Could you be a little more specific on what you need help with? Feel free to ask some questions and try to include as much detail as possible.



hi to all fantastic community

my name is Richard Makgoga , i’m 25 years in age ,i’m from South Africa.I need much help from you, i’m not a professional user , but good in in designing and drawing using this model for : bridges, roads, railway lines and trains, stadiums, statues, towers, dams, buildings: malls, houses, and even can plan a city . i do have many images for what i design and draw using this software ,so but dint how to upload to you

so please if anything to help with will be more than welcome. or even challenges.



Welcome! To get help here, please ask a specific question. Try to be as clear and complete as you can. Whenever possible, post a minimal model demonstrating your problem or at least a screenshot.


Sounds more like he is touting for work to me.


If you are wanting to showcase your work, upload your images in this Gallery category. Since you are a new user, you can only upload one image per post, not multiple images in the same post. See more about user levels trust here.

If you are wanting to hire or collaborate on a project, please post here.

Also, I have edited your post and deleted your personal information. People can spam you and other things, therefore we suggest you keep it private until you engage with someone specifically. You share your personal information here at your own risk.