Need help activating 2023

I’ve been routinely using SketchUp 2023 along with Enscape 3.5 for a few months without any issues.

I recently installed SU 2024 and also updated to Enscape 4 and quickly realized that Enscape (both 3.5 and 4) isn’t yet supporting SU 2024.

So, I uninstalled all SU and Enscape versions.

Reinstalled/uninstalled SU 2023 a few times and just can’t get it to activate my subscription.

The usual log-in window that pops up says:

"Please update to start trial.

Trials are no longer available in this version of SketchUp. Update to the latest version to continue.

Update now"

If I click “update now”, it just takes me to the download web page that has the same 2023 version that I’ve already installed.

My current project requires Enscape renderings, so I can’t use SU 2024 right now.

I’ve submitted a support ticket, but haven’t heard anything yet.

Any suggestions?


Try signing in to sketchup. In the software and online.

I’m signed in online but the software doesn’t even give me the option to sign in. That window is where the “Please update to start trial…” is.