Need Admin Approval - fix?

Dear all,

I am hoping someone will be in a position to assist me with this on going issue and I am starting to lose faith in my own ability.

We have had a request from our Design and Technology department to make Sketchup For Schools available for staff and students.

As a domain admin, I am able to sign into Sketchup with no issues. However if a domain user tries to sign with their Office 365 account they get the following:


But access has been granted:

I will eternally grateful if someone could point me in the right direction and advise where I have gone wrong.

Many thanks in advance

Kaushik (a.k.a Cookie)

Is any one able to assist with this? We have even changed the way our G Suite authenticates with Azure AD instead of ADFS and still doesn’t work.

I’m running out of options and I am getting pressured from the Teaching staff from out DT dept.