Need a separate view at different scale

I’m running a trial of SketchUp Pro 2019 on a Mac running Mojave 10.14.3.

I have a 2-D model in SketchUp that I uploaded to LayOut so I can add notes and other annotation. In the lower corner of the model I have an area (bounded by the circle) I would like to separate out as a detail view with a different scale in LayOut. The basic scale in LayOut is 1"=20’. I’d like the detail view to be approx 1"=5’. How do I do that?

Make a copy of the viewport and change the scale of that copy. Is the circle part of your model or representing the area for your inset?

If you upload the LayOut file I’ll make an example to show you.

The circle simply represents the area for the inset. I have not yet updated the model with the circled area in LayOut. Can I do the separate view (i.e circled area) directly in LayOut without first setting it up in SketchUp?

You’ve been following the work flow I described to you, before, correct? You made a scene in Sketchup for that viewport in LayOut. So copy the viewport in LayOut dragging it off to one side for the moment. Set the scale to your desired scale. Drag the edges of the viewport as needed to show just the area you want to show. Move the viewport into place where you want it on the page.

There’s no need for the circle to be drawn in SketchUp. In fact, it would be better if you didn’t draw it there.

As i wrote in my previous post, if you’d share the LayOut file, I’ll show you how to set it up correctly.

Yes, I have a scene like you suggested previously. I copied the viewport although I found that I must hold down the option key while making the move which is different than with SketchUp, which is a little annoying. I also managed to draw a circle around the are to be detailed and muddled my way through labeling the detail (i.e. slid the “A” into the circumference). Right now I’m having trouble figuring out the “decoder ring” needed to set up shape styles. It was working fine until I wanted to have an “open” versus a filled circle. I stumbled through that but then I found that I apparently also had set the stroke to white so I couldn’t see anything I drew. Obviously I need to work on some of the LayOut basics more.
But, as you requested, here is my LayOut file. Show me the way Dave.
6850 site survey.layout (188.4 KB)

Check out LayOut Essentials You might pick up some info here.

The tool is different than in SketchUp because it is sort of a Swiss Army knife. It is Select, Move, Rotate, and Copy.

Before you make a setting in Shape Style (or panels like SketchUp Model and Dimension Style) you must have a tool or an existing entity selected. If you have a tool, such as the Circle tool active, the settings you make in Shape Style will affect the next circle you draw. You can modify an existing circle by selecting it first.

I don’t understand why you thought you needed to set the Stroke to white.

Mostly it looks like you’ve got it. I added a matching circle around the inset, created a clipping mask and copied the text box to it.

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Thanks, I’ll play with it some more tomorrow. I think for the purpose of this discussion, you answered by questions so I’ll close it out as answered.

I looked at the LayOut Essentials videos before but there is so much stuff there I need to go back and re-visit several areas. My biggest concern is that I will likely use LayOut intermittently (once every few months) and trying to remember all the little details of SketchUp and LayOut will be a challenge.

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