Need a little help converting max model to 3ds



I am working on a school project (archviz) for which i requires some conifer trees but it seems that there are no good models on 3dwarehouse, i searched a lot of sites even tried to import some 3ds files but nothing seems to be perfect for my scene as they were low poly models.

While searching the internet i found some good models but they are in .max format, since sketchup cannot import .max file and there is no converter to convert it to .3ds or .skp format, the only way seems to be converting the .max file to .3ds is by using 3ds max.

My problem is i don’t have time and resources to download and install 3ds max.

I would be highly thankful if someone who have 3ds max installed can convert those files to .3ds, just message me i will give my email and thnx in advance.


It is very surprising that you can’t find any suitable examples of coniferous trees on 3dwh. I just queried the site and had 98 results returned. I’m thinking that at least one could work for you.


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