Navigation of styles in SU

I wonder if anyone else has come across this peculiar behaviour?

When I am switching between set styles I often find I cannot select the one I last used. There is a simple workaround. I select one I don’t want first. Then I am “allowed” to select the one I wanted in the first place.

It does seem to be a built in glitch for me.

I’ve never seen that and I use or at least test lots of styles. Are you not able to select the style from its regular library or from the In model library?

I generally select from the In Model options because I have standard ones set up in my templates and it takes far too long to navigate the dozens that appear in the other pane.

It’s not a big deal because there is such a simple workaround, but I thought it might be a known bug.

Maybe it’s an unknown bug or maybe a snag with one style? As I say, I’ve not seen that behavior on either my Mac or PC.