Select Style Bug

I’ve seen this bug for ages and never brought it up:

I can have, say, three styles in the Style pallette like this:
Style 1
Style 2
Style 3

While Style 1 is current, I can’t select Style 3. You can try clicking on it and nothing happens. I can click on Style 2, however; that works. Once Style 2 is selected, I can then select Style 3, and it works. It’s like the old Bert and I joke, “You can’t get there from here.” I don’t understand this and it happens constantly.

I’ve never seen this happen. Is it a Mac thing? Can you share a .skp file that exhibits this problem, Bert? Send it privately if you don’t want to make it public.

Maybe it’s a Mac thing. I see this with almost every file and for several years now, I think.

Weird. How does it know which one to not let you select?

I bet you’re just not holding your tongue right.

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…and just when I thought I’d make a GIF of it, it starts behaving normally, so It’s not always repeatable, at least when I want to prove it. Must have done something with my tongue.

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@RTCool you are not incorrect. This behaviour has occurred for a long time, you have to select an intermediate style. BTW I think it only happens in list view

It’s a just another longstanding UI foible along the the maddening layer/tag select focus issue in the entity info window.

Yes, it’s in list view. I don’t find thumbnails very useful.

Must be another one of those Mac-only things. I can’t duplicate this feature on Windows.

I certainly experience this inability to select certain styles in the mac interface, in list or thumbnail. One way I have of recreating the bug is to choose a style, then switch to a scene with a new style. I am then locked out of the previous style, others are available but the style I was just in will not select. If I click on any other style it “unlocks” the previous style and I am free to select it. It happens at other times but this one way I noticed to document it.

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I couldn’t figure out a pattern. At one point I wondered if it happened with Match Photo (which creates a scene), but the current file didn’t have one.