Natural Stone Walls


Requires: MS Physics

  1. Make a box

  2. Use round corner

  3. Texture with ThruPaint

  4. Make a crevice the size of your wall for rocks to fill

  5. Make rock array

  6. Turn off rock friction and simulate until level

  7. Make component array if your computer can’t handle simulating all the rocks. Then add box.

  8. Use round corner on box

Rock Wall.skp (1.1 MB)


Very cool combination of tools to get this result. For added realism, you could vary the shapes and sizes of the individual stones so that they created a more natural look. Even without that, quite impressive!


That’s a great idea! There could be a few unique rock components that get mixed around randomly in the tumbler. Thank you for the compliment!


Rather ingenious use of the MS Physics plugin.