Filling container with materials


I’m a beginner user. How can I fill a container with material? I have built the foundations of a house and want to fill the area between the concrete wall supports with stones.


Unless you model each stone you would normally just create a new face over the area you want to fill, then in the materials palette you would select Landscaping, Fencing and Vegetation, then use the paint bucket tool to fill the face with one of the stone textures.


You probably shouldn’t model individual stones. That will create a lot of objects in your model, which will slow SketchUp’s response. Instead try this: create a component whose surface matches the cavity and then paint the surface with a material using an image of stones. Alternatively if what you want is a section fill pattern such as in typical architects plans you might look at the skalp extension ($).


You can use physics plugins to fill a container with rocks, but you first need to learn the basics of the program.


Slightly off topic, but what’s the best of the physics plugins for v2017? I haven’t dared fire up SketchyPhysics!


Followed Colin’s suggestion and that is perfect for my needs. Thanks.


It’s handy to have a good name.


I have been experimenting with MSPhysics, with SketchUp Pro 2016. I’m a novice at using it, but it’s still a lot of fun to have parts of a model “come to life.”

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