How to autofill empty spaces with solids?


Is there a way to fill empty spaces (between solid groups) with other solids?

  1. Let’s say we have a complex pool with a lot of shapes and the entire thing is a solid group. I want to automatically create the water object shaped exactly like inside of the pool. Is it possible to do this with a plugin or a command?
  2. The other scenario is when I have a building with its foundations. Everything is solid. I want to fill the empty spaces between foundations with earth as an object and I don’t want to draw the shapes between the foundation walls.

Thank you!

Yes, play around with the different tools and you will see ways to do these things…

Just as a simple exercise - draw solid groups of a cube and a cylinder. Rotate the cube so it is pitched in 2 axis and move it so part of it is inside the cylinder. Now copy the groups 3-4 times within your model. Now play with each of the solid tools and see what results you get.

Can you find a way to only have what is common to both shapes?

Can you find a way to cut away the cylinder from the cube?

Can you find a way to create 3 shapes - 1 that is what the cylinder looks like with the cube removed, one that is the cube with the cylinder removed, and one that is what is the intersecting volume between the cylinder and cube?

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There are different ways to do it, the easiest one is using solid tools to make Boolean operations, both objects must be solids, if you’re using the free version you can’t use solid tools, you can do it by intersecting geometry though.

Thank you for you suggestions. I was aware of these methods. I was hoping of something easer, maybe a plugin that detects the perimetral edges of the pool and tries to fill it. I have to work with very complex shapes and sometimes I spend a lot of time with Boolean operations.

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