MySketchUp for Google Apps

The most promising way to adapt MySketchUp for masses is to develop MySketchUp special editions for Google Apps.
There are 16-18 millions of Chromebooks in US schools today and there are no CAD software in the market which is really support requirements of Google Apps for Education (GAFE).
If MySketchUp want to grab a really big market share in the K-12 market then it should have special GAFE edition definitely.
The GAFE requirements are:

  1. MySketchUp should be in the Google Apps Marketplace for GAFE and it should be able to be installed in an entire GAFE domain by domain administrator without any manual account manipulations from students.
  2. MySketchUp should recognize individual GAFE accounts and groups for maintain security.
  3. MySketchUp for GAFE should be able to work with files from Google Drive (this is Google Classroom requirement).
  4. MySketchUp for GAFE should have a smooth integration with Google Classroom.
  5. MySketchUp for GAFE should be totally free of charge.

After MySketchUp for GAFE edition will be created it may be the basis of a paid edition for Google Apps for Work/Unlimited (GAFU).

MySketchUp for GAFU may be placed into Google Apps Market place for GAFU and it may be licenced like other GAFU paid software or it may have an external charging mechanism for some reason. In any case MySketchUp for GAFU should recognize security context of users in GAFU domain and store drawing files accordingly.