Will Sketchup for Schools be available in Belgium soon?

We try to add Sketchup for school to our GAFE domain but it is not possible because Sketchup for schools is not available in Belgium. Has anyone a clue why it is not and if it will be available soon?


for the educational licences of the desktop version you might want contact your local SUP distributor for further information too.

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Hi @mark.demeyer,

Are you able to access other educational apps through the GAFE marketplace? If so, what computer/browser/version are you using? Are you able to see the SketchUp for Schools app in your local marketplace?

In order to access the SketchUp for Schools app, your district’s G Suite for Education Administrator will first need to deploy the app to your school’s domain (you can also specify other user groups such as teachers, clubs or departments). If you can see the app in the marketplace, the following instructions from Google should walk you through the steps to deploy SketchUp for Schools through your G Suite account: https://support.google.com/a/answer/172482?hl=en

Hi Steve,

thanks for your answer.

When following the described procedure, Sketchup does nog appear in our
market place for Google Education so it is not possible to add the app.

When using following URL


we see the app and see the button to install the app but after clicking on
the button, an error message appears saying “This app is not available for
you country”.

Does this ring a bell?


Hi Mark,

It appears that you have access to G Suite for Education. SketchUp for Schools is available to all the countries on Google’s list of qualified schools for G Suite, and it appears Belgium is not on there. If this list in inaccurate (which, to be fair, the document states “G Suite for Education is not limited to these countries”), then we can look into providing access for Belgium as well.


Hi Mark,

We’ve turned on access for Belgium. Give it a try now.


Hi Joy,

Thank you for making Sketchup for Schools available for Belgium! We’ll have
a bunch of happy STEAM teachers and Pupils soon!
At the moment, I still see the same error message but I’ll give it some
time. I’ll try again tommorow and give you and update.

Thank you for the great support!

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hello joy,

this email just to confirm that we where able to add sketch for to GAFE our
So, thank you again for your help!



Hi sketch3d_de,

Since SketchUp for Schools is free, local distributors are not involved in the process of acquiring or supporting it. Thanks!

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