Myriad Pro Regular Font


Hiya Folks - Has anyone ever installed the Myriad Pro Regular font for use with 3D text? I can’t seem to find a ttf file of this font that SketchUp will take. Any help would be much appreciated!


You probably have Myriad Pro on your computer as OTF. Run it through a converter and make the TTF file.


Thanks - but after a couple of restarts the font file I installed showed up on SketchUp! It was an otf file but it’s working now…


Are you sure it’s Myriad Pro Regular and not Myriad Web or Myriad Web Pro?


the otf font works fine on a mac…
@jd3rdpig, are you on a mac?

be helpful if you fill in your profile…



Indeed! It’s different on Mac and Windows.