My toolbar is not saving my view options

I am so tired of everyday having to open the toolbars options and marking enscape and vray windows one million times…
Please somebody help me?

Most likely it’s a permissions issue. Close SketchUp, find the downloaded installer file in your Downloads folder. Right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then if prompted, choose Repair. After that open SketchUp and turn on your toolbars. Save model file to make sure the .json file gets updated.

json file?

It’s a file SketchUp creates to record things like which toolbars are displayed and which aren’t and where they are to be displayed on the screen.

There are two locations where extensions can be loaded from, the user appdata and the ProgramData.
Your screenshot shows you have other extensions and if the two extensions that use an external installer won’t work properly like Enscape or V-Ray(versus those that are installed from the Extension Manager inside SketchUp), you might wanna reinstall those with the rightclick method.(eg. Rightclick on the installer file and choose ‘run as administrator’ )