My standard view has changed


I’m working on a large model and out of the blue the view changed from what I’ve been used to for many years to a ‘foreshoretened’ view - as if I’d changed to a wide-angle lens.

I’ve looked at all the tools in the [Camera] drop down but none seem to have the means to return to what I’ve considered the ‘normal’ view.

I’ve also started a new model to check the [view] settings and they are the same - ie. perspective and the view is as I have always known it - not distorted.

Can anyone suggest what button or key I might have pressed inadvertantly?

I’ve now opened a new model and [imported] the ‘corrupt’ one and the view is ‘normal’ - I would still appreciate any suggestions as to the reason for the unexpected change though.



You may have changed the field of view. Not on a computer to check but from memory hit z and type 35 enter.
If my memory is anywhere close that should be the standard perspective field of view.
If not that post an image or the model so we can see rather than guess blind.


Thanks Box - tremendous speed and accuracy in your response.


Glad to know my old and feeble brain still has a few cells working. I was going to give you a little thumbs up icon but it seems you need a degree in gibberish to work the emoticons here, so fraid you have to go without.


:smile: That was my first post so I had no knowledge at all of emoticons. I would have been happy to put a simple colon-bracket combo at the start but the colon brougjt up a selection list.

My model is now some 26Mb so hardly trivial and I got a great deal more done yesterday after your reply. Thanks again.