My Sketchup Pro 2014 for Mac won't run unless I upgrade

I tried to run my Sketchup Pro 2014. It pops up a window saying a newer version is available and has a button to click to download. But I can’t close the window and just continue running Sketchup 2014. Do I have to upgrade? what if I want to continue using my Sketchup 2014?

Brita van Rossum

I’m having the same problem - so frustrating! Even more so as I had the same issue a couple months ago and got it resolved but can’t remember or find what I did to make it work. Pretty sure it was via tech support but it’s now the weekend and I can’t get anything done.
If you find a solution, please post as will I.

I am also have the same problem… I even re-downloaded Sketchup Pro 2014 from the download page and it still tells me it’s expired. 2015 doesn’t work on my computer because it’s not compatible. I sent an email to support so I’ll post if I get a helpful response. Please let me know if you find a solution.

I found this searching SketchUp help but it doesn’t seem to apply.

I’m in the same boat as I can’t run 2015. Also reinstalled SU2014 to no avail. I’m on a Mac and tried trashing preferences files as suggested elsewhere on this forum which also did not work.

I am having the same problem running MAC OS X 7.5, so need Sketchup Pro 2014 but keep getting a message that my version has expired, reinstalling seems to have no affect.

I’m trying to recall the posted solution, I think it was…

close SU…
disconnect from internet…
open SU…
reconnect to internet…
I think it resets something, but can’t remember what…
It was on this forum 16/17th March, but where is the search field???

I disconnected from the internet and opened up my file - it works fine. I kept the file open and turned on the wifi and it worked fine still. So then I turned SketchUp back off, turned on the wifi, and opened the file again. It doesn’t work and the pop up window is back.

I suppose the temporary solution would be to disconnect from the internet and use it. Hopefully there is a more permanent solution though.

Thank You! Yes that works for now - at least I can get some work done!

yes i think there is one more step, but my memory is blank…

Thank you! Let us know if you remember


cheers for that, but it cant find any posts containing the message ‘Your current version has been expired’
I try other key words…

heh, yeah.
I’m not having much luck with it either :confused:

What about opening the Preferences dialog, going to the General tab, and unchecking the “Automatically check for updates” option ?

I always do this in all older SketchUp versions, after I install the newest major version. (I keep at least the last 3 versions installed for testing plugins.)

Repeatedly Telling me to Update to a New Version

I contacted SketchUp Tech Support over the weekend about this as I tried to fond work arounds. Their response on Monday blamed the problem on a Saturday SketchUp 2014 bug which they fixed. It now works OK for me.