My Sketchup online model has disappeared

I have been working on a model since yesterday in sketchup online and the option to save it in the top left corner disappeared. I attempted to copy and paste the work into an earlier model on a different page and it wouldnt allow this. As I couldnt save it or download, I refreshed the page hoping that the issue would rectify itself. The model is now entirely missing and it is required for a job that needs to be quoted for by the end of the day. I haven’t got pro because I am a sole trader and this is one of the first jobs I have done entirely on my own. Is there any way to recover the hours of work I have done and lost?

I never seen such a thing before. It can be greyed out if there were no changes but should not be disappear.

This is a normal behaviour. You cannot copy paste to separate “season” or instance of the webapp.
You have to copy (Ctrl+c) from source model, close the source model, then open the destination and paste (Ctrl+p) there.

Most of this kind of issues, because you were logged in with a different user credentials.

Free version licence is not allowing that, You need a Subscriptions plan to do it…even if:

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I don’t see any other email addresses for you, so I think that you were signed in with the right account.

In the home page for the web app, try the Trimble Connect option on the left. See if the model is in there somewhere.