My sketchup model is not allowing me to insert any components from 3D warehouse and I don't know why

I created an entire base plan for a park which took hours to make and now I need to add trees but every time I go into 3D warehouse to add a tree it wont let me. I click insert into model but nothing happens. Does anyone know any fixes for this or why its happening? This is urgent as I have a project due today.

Did you draw the plan correctly on the scale?

What happens if you go Camera > Zoom Extents?
What you see in Components panel?


Can you select all entities (CtrlA) and look at the number of entities in Entity Info. Is it before and after import the same or different?

If it is the same, the component failed to import for some reason (this would normally show an error).

For example, something like this can happen when you have a SketchUp version that is not compatible (anymore) with 3D Warehouse, like 2016 (see announcement). But in your profile, you write that you use SketchUp 2020. Is that correct?

Open 3D Warehouse in a web browser, navigate to the desired model and download it (when using an older version of SketchUp, check the compatible .skp version or choose .dae). In SketchUp, import the file with File → Import… → 3D model.

Perhaps it is the size of your model. Measure something you created in your model and check the size. Does it seem like it’s reasonable?