My SketchUp model has changed dimensions


I’m not sure how or why, but a model of a computer case I have been working on has changed dimensions quite a lot. Some measurements are fine, however certain parts of the case have reduced in height etc, causing odd warping to occur. This is visible in certain parts of the design. For example, the computer’s top is now slightly angled unintentionally.

I’m not sure how to amend this, although any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I have attached the skp file for anyone who is able to help!


If the top wasn’t intended to be angled, then we must assume that you somehow moved the front edge down before you started to add the details on the front, because they look even and have good dimensions.
The only thing to do is to delete the front and start over.
Also you should start learning how to use groups and components, this way mistakes are rare and most of the times impossible.

Looking again, it seems the the back has been moved up, because the front matches the world axis.


@ust4ever, SketchUp doesn’t move geometry by itself. At some point you may have done that inadvertently.

@ely862me, the back measures exactly 480mm (in inches an odd number), so I think it is the front that moved down.


The whole back face, I believe was moved down by exactly 5mm. When you start a model, usually it sits right on the red green plane, and the front parts sits on it.
It doesn’t really matter though that much.
If he moves the back face including the main board mockup down by 5 mm and modify the top face and that round surface, the model will come to line. The angle is a bit off 80degress but quite alright with the vents.
I would still draw it from scratch.


[quote=“ely862me, post:4, topic:19199”]
The whole back face, I believe was moved down by exactly 5mm. …[/quote]
That’s it, the entire back face was probably raised 5mm.
(I didn’t check the bottom (lazyness?)).


Thanks a lot for the replies everyone. Very helpful community!

I’ll have a go at amending that back panel and hopefully won’t have to redo the whole model!

Grouping will definitely be used in future, thanks a lot.


Note too that if you use the select tool by drawing a window, everything that is inside (or intersects, depending on tool settings) the window is selected, even if invisible and behind other objects. This is something I used to stumble on a lot and it can result in weird effects when something that you didn’t intend to move gets moved.