My SketchUp File will not open

I have created a model and had worked on the model recently as of (8/4/2023). I just tried opening the file and I get a warning, Failed to open document. I tried opening the backup file as well with same warning. What to do?

Share the file here so we can try to help you. If it’s larger than 16 Mb, upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

Here is the link (I used We Transfer). I hope I did this right, never used We Transfer before.

Yes. It appears you did it correctly. I tried to open your file but wasn’t successful. Maybe @colin will have luck with his magic potions.

I wasn’t able to recover anything in the file.

So what now? If I can’t even open the backup file either, what are suggestions to avoid this type of issue/problem? Do I save multiple files? I use other BIM/CAD programs and those software have ways to roll back in the event the file crashes. Why doesn’t SketchUp Pro 2023 have this capability? All that work for what? This could be time and $$$ lost.

Where were you saving this file? To a cloud location?

It does with your Trimble Connect storage. I would suggest you save your file locally on an internal drive and also publish it to your Trimble Connect storage. If you open the file from Trimble Connect a historical backup is created every time you publish it after working on it.

Because I typically work in the office (on Desktop) and from home (work laptop) frequently, I have saved this file and been working on it to an external hard drive. I have several other Sketchup projects that are saved on external hard drive and they all open with the exception of the file in question. Luckily the file in question is of a family’s residence which I use this file to learn other tool functions in SketchUp, last I recall – I had been using the Sandbox Tools, generating a topo.

I definitely will look into the Trimble Connect storage, Thanks!

J. Kim Candelario

BIM Manager, defyCo.Labs


This sort of process isn’t recommended. Many users doing that or working on files directly saved in the cloud have reported problems due to that. Better and safer process is to save to your internal drive and then copy the file to the extrnal drive if you need to haul it home.

If you were publishing to your Trimble Connect storage you could access the file from home or the office. Again, when you publish back to Trimble Connect you get a history so you can go back to an earlier version if needed.

When you open a file stored in your Trimble Connect storage the file is first downloaded into a temporary folder on the internal drive. Any time you save, you’re saving into that folder. When you Publish to Trimble Connect, it goes back to storage but the temporary folder remains. Being a temp folder it will eventually be removed by the operating system when it does maintenance so you should be aware of that.