My Push/Pull Problems


I have not used the forum for a while, being a newbie I 'm having a problem with Push/Pull Tool. Sometimes it works perfectly and other times it doesn’t complete the function. I have attached a simple drawing to explain the problem.Portable Router Station 3.skp (2.4 MB)
Wal Rogers.


I’m not sure what the problem is with the detail on the left, but the slotted arc needs to be “healed” by selecting two adjacent points on the arc to separate it from the rest of the surface. Once that’s done, the Push/Pull tool should work fine:


The detail in the base of the drawing should also be a thru slot but it just pushes down and wont complete the slot.

Wal Rogers.


The rectangle for the slot was drawn outside the component which is why it won’t create a slot when you run Push/Pull. You need to open the component for editing before drawing the shape of the slot.

As for the curved slot, how did you get it into position? I ask because had it been drawn in place, it would have divided the large face into inner and outer sections. I’m also curious about how you drew that part since there are reversed faces on the bottom.

Another thing to note is that the part is not a component. Neither is its counterpart on the other side. I would delete one of them, fix up the other and make it a component before copying it over to the other side.

Portable Router Station 3.skp (296.9 KB)