What am I doing wrong with Push/Pull

Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong with Push/Pull? I connect to a corner Draw to a midpoint and try to push in a rabbit, but it leaves a overhang. If I come from the top and push down, it makes a trough? Any thoughts


Most likely something is not square. Can you share your .skp file so we can look? Otherwise we will be guessing at best.

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Planer table.skp (16.0 KB)
Here you go

You have a component for the top surface and the miter slot but the geometry underneath is separate. He I’ve moved the component up.

Probably you just need to explode the component so all of the geometry is combined. After yu’ve finished detailing it, select all of the geometry that makes up the “board” and create the component.
Here I’ve exploded the component. I also then fixed the slot.

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Great, I figured I did something wrong. I appreciate your help guys!


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