My Old Vertical Toolbar I had in SU 2015, can't find on 2017

My SU 2015 felt like an old comfortable shoe, everything was just right- I upgraded to 2017 and I can’t figure out how to add my; Vertical Toolbar on the left side the Outliner, Visualizer, FredoScale Tools, etc.
It feels sterile and I can’t figure out how to get it set-up like I had it-
Thanks in advance for your help!

Su2017 added dockable trays to the interface like LayOut has had for years.

See User Guide chapter:

Check the toolbar in the list via:

View > Toolbars…

… then drag it over to the left border til it docks.

May not be directly compatible with SU2017.
Do a forum search, there may be special workarounds.

Extensions are now managed (Su2017+) in a separate Extension Manager (opened via the Window menu.)

Help Center: Managing Extensions

Were you looking for the Large Tool Set? As Dan says, turn on the toolbars you want via View/Toolbars - that’s probably the name of the one you are looking for.

I believe Visualizer is not 17 compatible. It was supposedly not 16 compatible either but there was a way to get it going here… I don’t believe this works with 17, but I’ve avoided upgrading so I don’t know yet.

Thank you soo much for the answer, found it, just what I needed!

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