My hide tool shows a wireframe version of my object instead of completely hidden

my hide tools shows a wireframe version of my object instead of completely hidden

Is View->Hidden Geometry checked?


When I am modelling and have to work with hidden geometry - and in fact most of the time - I usually “move” a group I need to work on that is embedded among others, a set distance along an axis. Do the work and then move it back.

This is actually a new topic but I am lazy. Now my tray is at the top of my screen stretched across the top. How can I tame it and get it to obey me and go back where it came from - on the right side of my screen vertically, not horizontally.

Show a screen shot of what you are seeing.

Most likely you can grab the top of the tray and drag it over to the right side and drop it on the side.

and now I have lost parts of the walls while hyper focusing on some detail and it is probably been 100 steps forward without noticing. Is this hard to fix?

Hard to say how difficult it is to fix without seeing the SKP file. How about sharing it so we can see?

Did you get your tray back where you wanted it?

looks like you are grabbing it from the blue line but my tray will not obey me.

Yes. I grabbed the title bar for the tray. And I dropped it on the square button icon on the right side of the screen.

No. So I should send the actual skp file. ok doing now.


Nope what?

My file might be too big as it starts to upload and then bails.

So upload it to the 3D Warehouse or to DropBox and share the link.

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I can’t grab the tray and move it.

Looking at it now.

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tray has been subdued.

Unfortunately it looks like you’ll need to redraw those missing walls. There is one wall face that is hidden. You could unhide it.

It’ll give you an opportunity to repair your model, though. You’ve got loads of reversed faces and you are using layers incorrectly. ALL edges and faces should be created on and remain associated with Layer 0. You should be creating groups or components and only those should be assigned to other layers.

There’s loads of unused stuff that should be purged from the file. Here’s what gets purged when I clean it up.

And there are a bunch of furniture components that could stand to be simplified.

You would benefit from spending some time with the SketchUp Essentials and also watching Mike Tadros’s 3D Basecamp presentation.