My graphic card is messed up

My graphics card on my HP Spectre makes things look like this:

I think my software updated and went back to its defaults. I had this problem when I first bought my computer and tried to use AutoCAD. Any idea what setting I put my NIVIDIA graphics card on?

What scale factor do you use for your screen? SketchUp supports up to 150%.

That’s a display scaling issue with the sofware, as Anssi says, SketchUp 2022 officially supports upto 150%.
Podium might have it’s own limits there too, so you might want to ask that question of them or give them that feedback also

It depends a little on your screen resolution and what scaling factor is being used, but judging from the resolution of that image I’m guessing you have very high resolution screen and Windows has probably set your scaling at 300-400%

Try lowering this value

Your settings worked for my laptop perfectly. I usually have a monitor plugged into my laptop and it has never been a problem to go from only laptop monitor to my larger one. The both have the same image on them.