My dynamic component is not showing any options

See if what Mike wrote here helps:

Hi everyone,
for now it seems to be fixed.
Don’t ask me what I did, but this dynamic component works.
I am working on a new DC.
It is a DC in wich I can change the color of te frame (outside), color of the interior and
the color for the outer spotring and ledspot itself.
Also I want to build in the possibility to rotate the outer ring together with the spot and then seperate rotate the ledspot .
I can’t see the spot itself in the components attributes.
Is it possible to determine the sequence of the components in the attributes window?
Can some one help me out? If wanted I can upload the file.

Last I asked one of the Extensibility Team members, I was told it was not their team’s responsibility.
This was (I believe) also a reason why my idea for a public DC issue tracker at GitHub fell flat.

So this and the fact you are already up on the several known DC bugs is why I pinged you.