My dynamic component is not showing any options

I made a dynamic component from a lightfixture with the possibility to choose te color of the fixture.
When I try to open the components options, it says there is no component selected. What am I doing wrong?
I uploaded a screenshot from the components attributes en options dialogboxes.

Upload the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

Hello DaveR.

Here is the SU file

Hope you can figure out what is wrong.
Thanks for helping me out.Trizio 21 CODE FIXTURE.skp (425.8 KB)

Part of your problem is that you’ve applied the black (code zwart metal) to the faces in the component. Face materials override materials applied to the component’s container. In the case of DC’s you need the material applied to the container not the faces. Look at the way the cafe table in the Dynamic Components Training to see how the materials are set up so they can be changed.

You need to use the Material behavior to make that work, too. Not your custom “Color”.

As far as the materials showing in Component Options, the lists are there in the drop down.

You should correct the reversed faces in the model, too.

There is an old bug in the DCs. Open the Ruby Console and see if there are errors that show when you open the dialog.

Extensions > Developer > Ruby Console

Take a look at the following. I removed the face materials, exploded the groups for the screw heads because they weren’t helpful, and corrected the Attributes. I also fixed the name of the white material in the Materials list changing ‘whit’ to ‘white’.

Hey DaveR.
I am trying to fix this as you explaines, but It seems I am still getting it wrong.
Can you send me the fixed file back, so I can see what you did to the subcomponents please.
Where do I find the dynamic components training with the coffeetable.
Thanks for your efforts, but I am totally new in dynamic components.

Here you go.
Trizio 21 CODE FIXTURE.skp (456.7 KB)

Thanks man.
Your file does work indeed.
I am struggeling to figure out what is to be changed in my model.
Can you tell me where I can find the exercise with the table.
Kind regards,

Look at the change in the Behaviors section for the Base and screws.

As for the cafe table, go to the Components panel and in the dropdown list, choose Dynamic Component Training.

Hello Dan,
I made a second lightfixture and was trying to get it dynamic.
I opened the ruby console and yes there is an error in the sript.
In attachment I send you the file. What do I have to do to fix this.
Do I have to install SU 2021 update or is this not fixable.Trizio 21 CODE FIXTURE.skp (294.9 KB)

Hello DaveR.
I made the changes in my Code fixture and I made the Code 2 fixture dynamic as well.
Just like you did. But still the options in the dialogbox do not show.
I had the ruby console open and there is an error in the script.

Trizio 21 CODE FIXTURE.skp (294.9 KB)

The Ruby interpreter used by SketchUp plugins (Dynamic Components is a plugin) fails when a filename or path name starts with a lowercase “u”. You seem to have used “users” instead of the more common “Users” as the Windows home folder name.

No Anssi, that is the result of Sketchup::require downcasing path strings before pushing them into the $LOADED_FEATURES array. This is normal and fine as long as forward slashes are used in the path string (as shown in the Console output above.)

His error (NoMethodError) is the old calling #deleted? upon the model object which does not have that method because Model is not a subclass of Entity.

@Dart I explain the bug (which has been broken for years!) and show a quick fix here …

Components don't appear in "Component Option" Window - #22 by DanRathbun

@Colin It will be 7 YEARS this December at the least that this bug has been reported but not fixed !

Bah, and I thought I was so smart! But the file @Dart posted works quite OK for me. Why doesn’t it work for him?

There is a certain error mode that the DC extension gets into where the bug manifests.
@Colin explains it in the linked topic thread.

Then perhaps you have pasted the “quick fix” into your “Plugins” folder already ?

You can easily test at the Console via:


If you get true then you’ve applied the “quick fix”.

I get “false”. I am quite certain that I haven’t done any manual fixes to the plugins folder. My DC extension version number is 1.8.1
I am not sure about @Dart 's error but I can confirm that the lowercase “u” thing still kills the DC extension by just adding it at the start of the model file name.

I imagine you know that this isn’t a record by any means.

@ChrisFullmer Who should know about this?

Hi guys,
It seems you are all more clever than me, that’s sure.
I am using Sketchup to model, I am not a programmer.
I just want to know how I can make sure my dynamic components work.
That is what’s importend to me.

Is there no one out there from tthe technical staff from Sketchup that can straighten this out?

Hello Colin,
looks like you are a member of the Sketchup Team.
I am a loyal paying customer for a very long time.
It would be nice if I can use dynamic components.
So please help me out.