My drawing has vanished

Hello! I was working on a drawing of some house plans. Was trying to flip an image and all of a sudden the whole thing disappeared and I can’t get it back… Tried undoing, zooming, rotating, closing browser and reopening, etc. The file exists, but it looks empty, and tools do not seem to work anymore in it either. I don’t think I deleted it, but it seems like it’s gone. I saw other questions suggesting zoom extent, and while I tried that, I can’t seem to find it. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated before I have to start over…

Nevermind! Did ZoomExtent one more time with some frustrated desperation mouse swipes and it suddenly appeared. Weird…

The SketchUp devs plant random booby traps in the code to keep tired modelers from falling asleep.


Now that you have your model back in view: save a scene with this view to instantly return to whenever your model seems to have vanished again.

And inspect your model to see if there’s any unneeded geometry far away from the main model that you are working on.

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Great advice, scene saved. Will make it much easier to find next time, and something I’ll try to remember to do when I start new drawings just in case.

Ha, yeah! Well, mission accomplished :sweat_smile:

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