My computer is getting sick of Sketchup

I am struggling learn my way into Sketchup.
I have long been trying to decide whether I am just stupid or my computer has bad days when it won’t work.
Yesterday it started to refuse to call a group solid when Solid Solver made it clear that it was so.
In many many tries and careful attention to the tutorials I have only got Flowify to successfully make the grid about twice.
Can anyone suggest what is going wrong. I’m satisfied that the machine is up to spec.
Cheers John Laing

You would need to post your machine specification in order for us to know. And maybe your issue is with installation or setup since it seems all your issues are within SketchUp and not with the machine itself.

You could post your model so that we could check that it is indeed a solid or post screenshots of when Flowify fails.

Help us help you etc.

Based on your post, I don’t think that there is anything wrings with your machine. It sounds like there may be a issue or two with your models. As @liamk887 mentioned, you will probably get the best advice if you post the models that you are struggling with… or is that the models with which you are struggling… either way, upload some files and we will help you out!

I thank you all for your considerate posts.
I have been getting on respectably, although with occasional difficulties.
Suddenly this weekend things have gotten much worse.
I should add that I have reinstalled Sketchup today, with no improvement.
Your comments much appreciated.

When you reinstalled did you right click on the .exe file and choose run as administrator? If not do so and choose the repair option.

Thanks on that one.
I did use the run as administrator option, but missed the repair option.
I’ll try that again.
Cheers John

I’ve never had to do this with ANY version of SketchUp I have ever had, since v2. Windows 7 Pro at work and Windows 10 at home.

See this post for the reason : Why the installer must be "run as administrator"

Interesting read but again, I’ve never had to do it and I have had ZERO issues with SU, Acad, Revit, Max, Fusion 360, etc etc etc. /shrug
I have always been admin on the PCs so maybe that fixes the “issues”.

Me neither except for recently in work, I guess it’s the luck of the draw?

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Perhaps but I am talking about different jobs, different places with different machines. I started using SU (V.2) on a Win2K machine and no issues there. Some places had OEM PCs like Dell and Lenovo and smaller jobs had “Mom and Pop PC store” built machines. Windows, in general, has been pretty solid for me since Windows 7 and even more so with Win10. I have seen people muck up their machines pretty good over the years. Currently setting up a PC for the In-Laws. I am sure I’ll have to “fix” something down the road after they get a hold of it :wink:

All we know for sure is a) right-click “Run as Administrator” (RAA) grants permissions that even a user with Admin privileges doesn’t normally have, b) subsequently doing the RAA and “repair” fixes mysterious errors for most people who installed using a simple double-click, including users with Admin privileges, and c) we don’t see reports of such errors from people who installed using RAA. So, regardless of past installations and other apps, RAA is the only way assured of success.

So far as I know, nobody either on the SketchUp team or outside it has ever published details of what all the installer does (or tries to do) during installation. The installer is completely silent about success or failure of each step (or maybe doesn’t check?). There is no identified way to do a post-mortem on systems with issues. Also, the state of each computer before the install can be different from others; some may have prior conditions that impede clean installation while others may be compatible. So, it is impossible to explain why some people have no problems after installing with a simple double-click.

Since each app “does its own thing” during installation, success of installing other apps has no relevance to issues with SketchUp.

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Can you post a sample .SKP model file for other users to take a look at? To upload a model in a new reply, use the seventh icon from the left (it looks like an up-pointing arrow coming out of an inbox). If the only models which show the problem are too large to be uploaded (about 3MB file size), you might be able to make a custom copy of the .SKP file and delete portions that are not needed to show the issue.

This problem was solved last night. I’ve reinstalled as administrator and that’s helped a lot. I was also confusing Outliner and Entity Info as a check on solids. I’ve got that straight now.
Thanks for your input and notes on uploading a file for inspection. I have so much to learn!
Cheers John

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