My brain doesn't understand terms: Color, Texture, Material?

So, Im a 6 year user of Sketchup and still struggling to understand Materials/Textures/Colors…

Yeah Im that guy.

Here is what I see in my Sketchup Preferences window on a Mac…

Yeah, Im that guy also.

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 12.28.07 PM

I see “Materials” and I see “Texture Images”.

But then I go to the Sketchup website for help in definitions and I read this:

Here it would seem that Sketchup actually sees Colors and Textures as Materials. So a “Color Material” is different from a “Texture Material”. The definition seems to make sense to my brain…but what about the Preferences panel? Shouldn’t that say “Colors” & “Textures” instead of “Texture Images” and “Materials”?

What am I missing?

This wouldn’t be an exact definition, but a little explanation with my own words… (not a complete guide or definition) :blush:

The Material represents a texture or color that can be applied to Drawingelements (usually to faces). So generally you are applying a Material.

The material can be solid (color) , textured or colorized textured.

So the Material (.skm files) stored in the file location above is a ready made Material created (or you got it ready made) with an above mentioned methods: Apply only a color, or apply only a texture . Or apply a texture then change its color.
The texture itself already have its “own” “average color” which you can change when you are colorizing.

The textures (picture files: .jpeg, .png…) stored in a Texture Images folder. This is what you can use when you create a textured material. (Actualy “any” picture - from other locations as well - can be imported/converted as a texture)

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I suspect the “texture images” it is something left over from a previous life as a SketchUp Material (.SKM) stores the texture image inside of it.

In practical use?

It changes the folder that is opened when you click this button

thanks for that…

So Materials is a folder for .skm’s. that makes a bit of sense to me now. Save materials, either colors or textures, that you want to reuse.

Texture Files is a folder for the image files that some .skm’s are based on or for images one would use without converting them to a material, say a piece of art to overlay on a tv screen. Not technically a Material. But it is lumped into Texture Files because one can apply it to a face.

Thanks @dezmo helps a lot.

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