Color, Texture, Both?


Hello Support,

the attached .skp file contains a single face that looks colored in brown in SketchUp. According to the C API, its material type is SUMaterialType_Textured. But the image texture is almost white.

How to know that the material color should be taken into account ? How are the image texture and the color blended (if they are) ? What is the differece between SUMaterialType_Textured and SUMaterialType_ColorizedTexture ?

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SketchUp uses OpenGL, so these other places might also be of help:



I just want to know the difference between SUMaterialType_Textured and SUMaterialType_ColorizedTexture. They are defined in a SketchUp C API header file, not in GL.h.

According to the SketchUp C API documentation:

  • SUMaterialType_Textured is a “Textured material”.
  • SUMaterialType_ColorizedTexture is a “Colored and textured material”.

However it seems that even for a “SUMaterialType_Textured only” material, the material color is though taken into account.

So please, what is/are the true difference(s) between these two material types ?


I have the same problem. @tt_su Could you please help us on this question?

In the linker, there is a the same topic and no answers.


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