My Autotexts conserves in each new project

Hi, I made my own autotexts, how can I make them always appear in each new template?
Even from a 2018 to 2021 version, thanks for your help

Why do you want them in older versions?

Normally, when you upgrade to a newer version, you first open a file with the template where you set all your autotexts and simensions etc., save it and then open that file with the newer version, immediately saving as template in that version.

Is this in SketchUp or LayOut?

Is in Layout app

I moved your thread to the correct category.

You can set up your custom autotext in a template you save for later use.

I’m understanding that I’ve to make my own template in version 2018 and then reloaded in Layout 2021, Am I right?
Thanks for you help.

You could create the template in LO2018 and then open it in LO2021. If you’ve moved to LO2021 now, though, and you are just getting around to making the template, just make it in 2021 and forget LO2018.