Upgrading SU from 2018 to 2019

I upgraded SU and now I have problems …
How do I get all the textures I added in bucket ?
When I open a layout files from 2018 the modifications I made in SU do not sync anymore
My templates in Layout are no longer there

Do you mean your custom materials? Find the folders you saved them into for SU2018 and copy them to the same location in SU2019.

Can you share a LayOut file that shows this?

Each version of SketchUp and LayOut installs as a separate program. You can either copy the templates from the folder they were stored in for LO2018 or you may find it easier to open a new file using your template in LO2018 and save it to the Desktop or somewhere you can easily find. Open it in LO2019 and immediately click File>Save as Template.

Wonderful !! resolved question #1 and #3

Question #2-
I had an interior design project in SU 2018 , with Layout document that where created from it ,plan, élévations , added notes and measurements to give to contractor.
We did some modifications ,so I imported the SU project file in 2019 version, did the modifications and now I need them to appear in Layout 2019 without having to redo everything .

You should be able to open the original LayOut file using LayOut 2019. It should tell you the SketchUp file has been modified and ask if you want to update the references. Assuming you didn’t modify scenes in LayOut, the changes to your scenes in the SketchUp file should show up. Really it’s the same as if you updated the SketchUp file and opened the LayOut file in 2018.

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Good thank you very much !
You helped me a lot :wink:

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