Multiply Tool after Several Operations

Can the multiple tool be used after you have done several operations?

For instance, say I want to copy a Group using the Rotate tool, then change the axis with the Axis tool, then rotate the copied group again on the new axis. At this point I have done 3 operations.

Now, with all 3 operations, I would like to be able to type x9 and all three operations will be duplicated 9 times.

Is this possible?

Is there an extension for this?

Is there a Macro that can consolidate all 3 operation in one, so that the multiply tool can be used?

Other than writing a Ruby plugin that does all three operations, I believe the answer is no. SketchUp does not have a native mechanism to capture and playback a sequence of user actions (typically called a “macro”). Nor does it have a way to spread the multiply or divide option of certain Tools across a series of Tools.

I was afraid of that, and I’m not ready for Ruby…smile.

But the good news is that you can still perform the individual operations with the multiply or divide option almost effortlessly. Having to hit the keyboard a few more times to achieve the desired result should not be a serious conundrum.

I don’t understand. The way I see it, I can’t use the Multiply tool at all. So I have to 1) duplicate the group, 2) change axis, 3) rotate on the new axis, then start again for each of the 9 duplications. That may not take too long for 9, maybe 10 minutes, but what if I want to make 50 duplications?

and there are a couple of plugins around…

xformclone by AdamB

or there Jim’s MoveIt

or Tig’s grow


Ahhh, now we are getting somewhere…I will check them out…thanks.

What you may be missing is that there is no “multiply tool” as such. The move and rotate tools have optional inputs that tell them to repeat (multiply) the operation or divide it. These are parts of those tools, not a separate tool.

Weird…I’m not finding any of the extensions you mentioned, John.

Plugin and Extensions are the same thing, right?

I gave two links, and Extensions are easier to instal, but are essentially the same thing…

not all are in the Extension Warehouse…


Thanks John…I did not see the links…

It seems like this is EXACTLY what I need.

Also, thanks for referencing SketchUcation…I did not know about it and will be very useful. I’m surprised I never came across it sooner.