Is it possible to repeat a sequence of operations?

Say for instance I want to repeat the operation of pulling out a square of certain size out of the wall, and have several identical squares along the wall. Would that be possible without having to do them all separately?

You can make a component for this. Select the pulled-out square, right-click → Create Component. This creates a component with the glue-to and cut-opening properties set. Insert instances on the same face (e.g. with array copy). If you don’t want them to be components, you can explode them.

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A few commands have built-in “do-it-again” capabilities, including the Push-Pull tool. (Edited to add: this does not help the do-them-all-at-once request but it can speed up modeling nevertheless.)

After using Push-Pull to do a push or pul, if you then double-click on another face the tool will automatically push or pull to the same depth as the prior use of the tool. Thus, if you have a field of circles that you want to turn into a field of cylinders, for example, use Push-Pull on one of them to set the desired height, then simply double-click on each of the other circles and they will jump to the same height.

The two-point Arc tool (I think that’s the one; default letter “A” key binding) does this as well. If you draw out an arc of a desired radius at a corner, then you can double-click on other corners and the same radius arc will automatically be created. Pretty cool.

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