Extrude Tool double click repeat last command

I have a simple model of a building. I use the extrude tool to push an external wall surface in by 1 foot. With the extrude tool still active, I use the mouse to move to another surface and double click that new surface. Instead of pushing the surface in 1’ it pulls it out 1’.

I am watching a tutorial, and it does the opposite in the tutorial. I am on a mac, and the tutorial is being demonstrated on a PC.

I don’t think it has anything to do with Mac vs PC, but rather some detail of the relative orientation of the faces you are push-pulling. I find that for me double-click works most of the time, but reverses as you describe just often enough that I always have to pay attention.

I have also found that it is unreliable. Perhaps unexpected is a better word.

The repeat function is designed to work whether the secondary planes are in the same plane as the first or not.

If you create a simple set of planes and extrude them, they will generally extrude intuitively. But once you get more complex drawings, the intuitive behaviour often disappears. There must be a reason but it is not always clear what it is.

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I’ve also experienced this. I haven’t found any pattern. Sometimes it pushpulles correctly, sometimes in the other direction. Unfortunately it doesn’t just simply honor face orientation, which is how I’d design it.

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