Multiple radiused edges

I am trying to create some model buses and have hit a problem. Not sure If I am trying to ask too much of sketchup, or if I am just missing the method needed. I am trying to radius 3 edges which meet at a corner, see explanation and image below;

The image below is not a detailed model, but one that I created just to highlight this problem.

The inset image show the type of bus I wish to model, and shows the radius to both the edges of the roof and the read corners. In the sketchup example I have been able to radius the roof, on the left, by creating an arc, selecting 3 edges, and then using the follow me tool. On the right I have radiused the rear corners by by a similar method, doing each corner separately.

What I would like to do though is to radius all the coners on a model, and when I try this I just get an invalid path message after I select the edges and then try to use the follow me tool.

I have create the model larger than scale, to prevent problems which I know can occur creating very small models. I also right click on the arcs created to select entity info and increase the number of segments so as to ensure a smooth curve.

Can anybody offer any help on this?

You can get a little more out of the follow me tool if you set it up like this. . .

And I’m sure you can get much closer with the right combination of contours.

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Thanks for that Jim. Follwed your sugestion and very quickly had something looking like the back end of a bus (a phrase often used as an insult, I know, but here used as a compliment!)
I am sure I will be able to make use of that way of working in other areas on the vehicles I am working on.

If you use the Follow Me tool to fillet geometry, your fillet radius must be smaller than the radius of any arcs included in the path, otherwise the operation will result in invalid geometry. If you need to fillet objects with an uniform radius, the easiest method is to use Fredo’s Round Corner plugin (free download from Sketchucation).


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Hi Anssi,

I found this forum regarding the “compound radius corners” as such, and also have a similar situation.

I didn’t understand your reply to Neil Machin although I did see your pic you attached here however I still don’t understand how to achieve it.

I have Libfredo Round corner, its an awesome tool.

I would like to create an object with a 10mm (larger) surface round corner, yet a 3mm (smaller) corner. How can this be achieved?

I have tried this however got geometry issues. 1) created the 3mm Radius on each of the four corners first. 2) then selecting the top surface I again clicked on round corner tool and changed the offset to 10mm, however as you see in the last image, it doesnt work.

Any ideas?

Best Regards Wolfgang from NZ

Hi Anssi and everyone.

I figured it out. Select the top surface first and create the larger radius. Then select the corners (and corner curves) and make the 3mm radius’s. I was doing it the other way round which gives bad geometry.