Multiple monitors

Working from home… The IT dept. gave me a very small computer that is a remote connection to my workstation at the office. The problem is that it only has two display ports available (one VGA and one HDMI), and each is occupied by one of my dual monitors. I would like to have my Graphic Pen Display (XP-Pen) connected, which requires a display port. I was curious if anyone might have a way to work around this or will I have to find a remote computer with multiple display ports? I don’t think a splitter will work, as I believe it would just mirror one of the displays. I would like to have 3 independent displays.

I also guess that a Splitter will not work. My Graphics Card (Nvidia RTX 2080Ti) has 2 x Display Ports and 1 x HDMI Port. Same with my older Graphics Card (Nvidia GTX 1080): Same 3 Ports. Maybe you should upgrade your Card?