Two monitor

I use my laptop with a KAMVAS PRO 20 as a secondary monitor. I have an Nvidia GeForce RTX3080 graphic card.

When I am working in layout and I am entering a viewport, Layout freezes. I tried to wait for longer to see if it was just slow, but I don’t think it’s to do with speed. I have a desktop at home and I work on the same files on both computers (it has a similar graphics card, but just 1 monitor), entering the viewport doesn’t seem to be a problem on the desktop.

I checked with the DirectX Diagnostic Tool and found that my laptop screen (DISPLAY 1) is linked to the Intel(R) UHD Graphics Card with 16383MB approx total memory, whilst KAMVAS PRO 20 (DISPLAY 2) is using the Nvidia GeForce RTX3080.

I run Sketchup on the Laptop screen (SCREEN 1) and Layou on KAMPVAS (SCREEN 2).

The power mode is set to - BEST PERFORMANCE.

Is there anything I can do speed up Layout and avoid freezing?

thank you

Your laptop needs to also be set to use the 3080. This may be done in the Nvidia settings or possibly in the Windows settings, I am not sure…

I will try, but not sure if one graphic card can handle 2 screens?

Thank you

Yes it can!!!

Are both screens connected to the video card or one of them is connected to the motherboard? A 3080 can handle up to 4 monitors, two by HDMI and two by display port.

Well. The laptop (screen 1 ) has the Nvidia graphic card built in and the KamvasPro 20 tablet is connected to the laptop.

The diagnostic shows that the Kamvas us using Nvidia whilst the laptop screen does not.

I will try and set it up to use it, but I will have to find it out how and I am quite busy with work and kids, so this will only happen in the weekend.

I posted this, hoping that people experiences might direct me toward the right direction.

Thank you for your answers. I really appreciate it

I manually set Nvidia to be used with my Desktop, but the setting shows the same settings.

In the meantime, whilst using Layout - and this is where I have a problem - the GPU doesn’t seem to be used. Not on my laptop and not on my desktop.

I wonder if Layout does benefit from a powerful graphic card at all?

On my laptop, the software keeps freezing when accidentally entering a viewport. I used to adjust views this way, but now, I just lock the layers to avoid the necessary shutting down mid work.

The laptop and desktop are relatively new with Nvidia.