White remote monitor or second screen


I have used sketchup for sometime though skills are limited compared to what the rock stars do. I got a new dell inspiron laptop and when trying to use a monitor i get only a white screen. If I move the window back to the laptop all is well. The laptop is connected to a “plugable” unit that acts as a docking station providing monitor, network, sound etc. The monitor is a vga pluged into the docking station gadget. It was worked well in the past and I’m able to use all other programs on the monitor including autocad. I cannot plug the monitor directly to the laptop directly as the unit does not have a VGA plug in. I searched through the forums and didn’t come up with this sort of thing. Seems odd only sketchup would have an issue with the monitor if it’s a grafics card issue.



I also use a Dell Inspiron laptop with a second screen. I do not have a docking station included in this setup. I connect the laptop directly to the external monitor with a hdmi cable and it works perfectly allowing images to be moved to either screen.


Many ‘Docking Stations’ use a different type of ‘Graphic transfer’ (for want of a more correct technical term) that isn’t always compatible with Open Gl that sketchup uses.
In my experience it seems to be the Win 10 updates that tend to remove or reduce their functionality.
I don’t have a solution for you, simply sharing my experiences with this sort of thing. I’ve had to relegate my very nice USB Dynadock to use only with my older Win7 machine since a Win 10 update removed the display driver needed to make it work.
If I hunter further I may have been able to find an updated driver that would work with it but I didn’t really need it.
You may find a search of the specific dock manufacturer will give you access to a better driver.


Although i don’t have this problem with sketchup… I do have a similar problem with other software.(Flexicad)

I think the issue for me is with the actual monitor as its plugged directly into the laptop and the same software works on other monitors plugged in.

I’ve not really had time to look in to a solution but It may pay to check the monitor plugged directly into a computer before getting a new hub as it could be the monitor rather than the hub…

The monitor I have a problem with is “acer K242HL”

Ps, this is just my experience and it may be completely different for you and sketchup?

Pps, if someone has a solution for my monitor issues it would be a bonus…:grinning:


Thanks for the responses. Sounds like the issue is not uncommon. I was hoping for a “well, all you have to do is change the ??? to ??? and it will work.” I suspect getting a new hdmi monitor and plugging in directly will solve the issue.



I have also unfortunately had experience with this. Plugging through an USB dock disabled OpenGL. Newer docks seem to work.


A VGA to HDMI or Display Port adapter can be bought at most computer stores. In our parts they cost about 20€ or less


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